How can I become a buyer, seller or both?

We want to hear from you on whether we should remain or if we should let the genie out of the bottle Are you a buyer, seller or both? If so, will the changes…

How can I become a buyer, seller or both?

We want to hear from you on whether we should remain or if we should let the genie out of the bottle

Are you a buyer, seller or both? If so, will the changes in technology be forcing us to choose a specific role or will we be left just as unsure as ever as to which direction the wheel is turning? Do you wake up every morning where the internet was 24 hours ago? Are you ready to step into the future? Will you feel comfortable trading yourself and your time with people who are less than you?

The internet is rapidly becoming a place where people are rewarded and compensated for the content they create, as well as the customer service and product expertise they provide. This new paradigm has attracted an audience of social influencers who are known for sharing a successful story with their audience. The ability to have your own voice is now valued by businesses and consumers alike and this is where you have an opportunity to get involved. It’s your chance to show how much you love and value buying and selling so why not find a better way to do it? You can be an effective trader and buyer with an expertise in it as well as one of the great online brands of the future.

If you feel you’ve chosen the wrong path and don’t want to wear it in your own life or don’t want to continue the downward spiral, use the Steller tool to help you get your life back on track. It takes a second – click here – to complete it and then your Steller number will be sent out to you via email.

This is a private database with a charge attached to it. How is it different from buying or selling on a website that pays for everything? As explained by Peter Levin of The Location Co, “It’s a hybrid of the two. Steller users buy goods through a free, slow tracking service called Better Buy Points, which lets them save and save some more. Better Buy Points providers bring in a revenue stream through selling advertising to businesses interested in having customers make purchases with them and offer a way for them to attract as much traffic into their websites as possible.”

Better Buy Points bills itself as a “one-stop shop for anything that’s unique, local and exceptional in the world”, and earns their money through the commission they receive on each purchase made through their platform. The better that the businesses’ businesses attract, the more they are able to sell advertisements and get better customers. This can certainly tempt us to part with our credit card for a fee to save some cash.

The key question is whether we want to buy or sell? As Cramter said, “We’re in the middle of an evolution of commerce where it’s not anymore about what I like and what my friends like, but it’s about what’s interesting, what’s new, what’s beautiful and what’s compelling and to use that content is something that I can pursue my own value.”

If you’re lucky enough to have someone else to serve as your equivalent to you and your audience, they will just be one click away from selling your time and expertise to the highest bidder. If you are truly interested in buying and selling, then the Steller tool allows you to do so with a confidential company guarantee and a monthly fee of $39 which might be cheaper than hiring someone on commission and for a long time.

Bargain hunter Matt Roberts will discuss his experience as both a buyer and seller on QVC at the Inside QVC event on Thursday 21 June at 6pm.

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